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Client: Aldrich, Mrs. Stuart M.
Ledger #: L1518
Date January 26, 1927
TOTAL COST: $829.00

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trans. # transaction (ledger) item (ledger) item category description cost
T04694 ready-made dress dress Black satin 120.00
T04695 ready-made dress dress blue chiffon wiht 3 flounces 115.00
T04696 ready-made sport suit suit, sportswear 98.00
T04697 ready-made dress dress blue serge, band of braid, slip 115.00
T04698 ready-made dress dress Light tan, openwork 85.00
T04699 ready-made lingerie underwear white slip 12.00
T04700 ready-made lingerie underwear white slip 12.00
T04701 ready-made lingerie underwear black slip 12.00
T04702 ready-made lingerie underwear Peach slip 12.00
T04703 alteration dress dress blue chiffon, pleated, embroidered collar 16.00
T04704 alteration dress dress Black satin; shortened point on side 12.00
T04705 alteration dress dress Blue serge; furnished blue collar and cuffs 15.00
T04706 alteration dress dress Black moire, shortened fringe 15.00
T04707 alteration dress dress Black velvet, also brocaded slip; refitted and steamed 18.00
T04708 alteration coat outerwear Blue; refitted andpressed 8.00
T04709 alteration dress dress Blue and cream foulard; refitted and pressed 8.00
T04710 alteration coat outerwear Black satin; refitted andpressed 10.00
T04711 alteration evening dress dress Black velvet; refitted and steamed 15.00
T04712 alteration dress dress Tan, long beaded; refitted, cleaned and pressed 12.00
T04713 alteration afternoon dress dress Tan lace; refitted andpressed 12.00
T04714 alteration dress dress Rose chiffon and lace; shortened point of lace, refitted and pressed 12.00
T04715 alteration dress dress Brown striped wool; refitted andfurnished two sets of collars and cuffs and chiffon for front 10.00
T04716 alteration dress dress Black chiffon, pleated with two shades of blue; refitted 12.00
T04717 alteration dress dress skyblue chiffon and lace; refitted 10.00
T04718 ready-made dress dress jersey; added silk top 45.00
T04719 alteration dress dress Black chiffon, round scallops; velveet pressed and steamed; refitted 18.00