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Client: Aldrich, Mrs. Stuart M.
Ledger #: L1799
Date October 1, 1928
TOTAL COST: $1245.00

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trans. # transaction (ledger) item (ledger) item category description cost
T05808 furnishing acc. hat accessories Black velvet, lace insets 28.00
T05809 ready-made dress dress blue velvet 115.00
T05810 furnishing acc. jewelry jewelry 3 strings of pearls 18.00
T05811 furnishing perfume cosmetics Coty's cologne 4.00
T05812 furnishing perfume cosmetics Coty's cologne 4.00
T05813 ready-made dress dress 2 piece blue polka dot velvet 115.00
T05814 ready-made dress dress Dark blue, three tiers, black and white flower 95.00
T05815 furnishing acc. hat accessories Dark blue 24.00
T05816 furnishing acc. hat accessories black 25.00
T05817 ready-made dinner dress dress Black lace, with cape 167.00
T05818 ready-made dress dress Black crepe marocain 95.00
T05819 ready-made evening dress dress black brocaded crepe 115.00
T05820 ready-made dinner dress dress Black, figured 118.00
T05821 ready-made fur accessories Black lynx scarf 150.00
T05822 ready-made coat outerwear Black 110.00
T05823 alteration coat outerwear black; trimmed with customer's fur 15.00
T05824 refreshing/washing/pressing dress dress Dark blue wool georgette
T05825 alteration dress dress Blue georgette 5.00
T05826 alteration dress dress Dark blue georgette with hemstitching 5.00
T05827 alteration evening dress dress Brown lace 7.00
T05828 alteration dress dress 2 piece, Blue wool georgettw 4.00
T05829 alteration evening dress dress blue with rhinestones 4.50
T05830 alteration dress dress Blue and white firgured with lace jabot 3.50
T05831 alteration dress dress Figured, matches coat 3.50
T05832 alteration dress dress Figured chiffon 4.50
T05833 alteration dress dress 2 piece, black georgette wool 10.00
T05834 alteration dress dress Blue silk
T05835 refreshing/washing/pressing bag accessories suede