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Client: Gross, Mrs. H. J.
Ledger #: L2365
Date May 1, 1929
TOTAL COST: $1368.50

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trans. # transaction (ledger) item (ledger) item category description cost
T07716 ready-made coat with cape outerwear beige and brown 98.00
T07717 ready-made 2 piece suit suit beige 78.00
T07718 ready-made dress dress chiffon, blue, 1-piece 80.00
T07719 ready-made 3-piece suit suit white tuck in blouse 110.00
T07720 ready-made dress dress blue and white, washable 38.00
T07721 ready-made evening coat outerwear batiste, cream colored 25.00
T07722 ready-made gown dress chiffon, rose figure printed 82.00
T07723 furnishing acc. hat accessories rose, to go with above 25.00
T07724 ready-made coat with cape outerwear French? blue 75.00
T07725 ready-made dress dress chiffon, French? blue, flared, little capelet sleeve 75.00
T07726 ready-made evening gown dress tulle, jade green, ostrich feather 75.00
T07727 ready-made evening wrap outerwear satin 65.00
T07728 ready-made evening gown, coat ensemble printed geo., blue coat 95.00
T07729 ready-made 2 piece dress dress emb., white 65.00
T07730 ready-made 3 piece suit suit applique, blue and white 105.00
T07731 making/furnishing [] unspecified silk, blue print 62.00
T07732 ready-made dress dress crepe, aquamarine 45.00
T07733 furnishing acc. hat accessories aquamarine 20.00
T07734 ready-made [] unspecified voile, pink 45.00
T07735 ready-made [] unspecified voile, blue 38.00
T07736 ready-made [] unspecified voile, white 38.00
T07737 alteration evening gown dress lace, making over last year's, adding 2 yds. ex. mat. 22.00
T07738 alteration [] unspecified chiffon, lavender, last year's, all tiny embroidery 0
T07739 alteration [] unspecified chiffon, lavender and white 7.50