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Client: Gross, Mrs. H. J.
Ledger #: L2371
Date April 1, 1930
TOTAL COST: $1718.50

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trans. # transaction (ledger) item (ledger) item category description cost
T07755 ready-made coat outerwear gray, with fur collar 115.00
T07756 ready-made coat outerwear silk, blue 108.00
T07757 ready-made dress dress gray and red, wrap-around, with pleating 82.00
T07758 making skirt separates for gray coat 25.00
T07759 furnishing acc. hat accessories gray 15.00
T07760 furnishing acc. bag accessories has pink embroidery 25.00
T07761 ready-made blouse separates flesh 30.00
T07762 ready-made blouse separates flesh, with embroidery 30.00
T07763 ready-made blouse separates gray 27.00
T07764 ready-made dress dress red & black print 88.00
T07765 ready-made dress dress gray, with squares?-lace collar & jabot 68.00
T07766 ready-made afternoon dress dress eyelet emb., blue, has pleating 98.00
T07767 made up here [] unspecified blue print, imp. material 78.00
T07768 ready-made [] unspecified chiffon, blue, with white polka dots embroidery 90.00
T07769 ready-made evening gown dress chiffon, brownish, with flowers, velvet bow 75.00
T07770 ready-made evening gown dress chiffon, yellow print 115.00
T07771 ready-made Sunday night gown dress, at-home wear chiffon, black , and chantilly lace 75.00
T07772 ready-made "Pea? Jacket" outerwear black; lapin scarf 45.00
T07773 alteration sport coat sportswear, outerwear brown & beige with cape, lengthening & pressing 10.00
T07774 alteration coat outerwear blue, with white lapels; made all over, adding flounce, adding wide belt 16.00
T07775 making over evening jacket outerwear blue; recutting 12.00
T07776 alteration slip underwear flesh, with lace; lengthening and refitting 5.00
T07777 alteration evening gown dress bluish, "one that goes with blue evening coat; " lengthening slip and refitting and changing dress, using 1 yard of chiffon 12.00
T07778 ready-made 2 piece sport suit suit, sportswear aquamarine 50.00
T07779 alteration dress dress chiffon, light blue print with sleeves; lengthening, furnishing findings, etc. 10.50
T07780 [] [] unspecified new slip 7.00
T07781 alteration dress dress chiffon, print "sort of pink and blue colored design"; making all over, lengthening, using chiffon 12.00
T07782 ready-made coat & dress ensemble angora 75.00+48.00 123.00
T07783 ready-made? suit suit shantung, white; handmade blouse 85.00
T07784 ready-made evening gown dress lace, beige 110.00
T07785 alteration evening wrap outerwear satin, yellow 10.00
T07786 making up [] unspecified chiffon, lavender print; " enlarging using some of our plain chiffon" 12.00
T07787 ready-made dress & coat ensemble white and blue; "very spec." 55.00