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Client: Du Villard, Mrs. H. A.
Ledger #: L2494
Date April 1, 1931
TOTAL COST: $536.75

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trans. # transaction (ledger) item (ledger) item category description cost
T08264 refitting/ cleaning/ pressing dress dress dull blue 6.00
T08265 refitting/ lengthening skirt separates black 0.00
T08266 ready-made 3-piece suit suit blue 128.00
T08267 ready-made dress dress green with embroidery 42.00
T08268 alteration coat outerwear blue silk 5.00
T08269 refitting suit suit 0.00
T08270 lengthening skirt separates 0.00
T08271 alteration dress dress blue print 0.00
T08272 furnishing acc. hat accessories blue, for suit 18.00
T08273 furnishing acc. dressy hat accessories black 22.00
T08274 furnishing acc. scarf accessories 0.00
T08275 ready-made short coat outerwear black silk 35.00
T08276 alteration: "relengthening, furnishing mat." slips underwear green silk, blue silk 7.00
T08277 alteration/ cleaning evening gown dress blue with fringe 14.00
T08278 furnishing acc. hat accessories "aquamarine colored -- cost price" 11.75
T08279 making over/ furnishing hat accessories leather 9.00
T08280 alteration: refitting, furnishing, facing sport suit suit, sportswear green 9.00
T08281 alteration: "facing using mat -- taking sleeves out of dress, adding to coat, lengthening, making over" [] unspecified brown cotton 10.00
T08282 ready-made evening gown dress print chiffon 55.00
T08283 ready-made evening gown dress blue eyelet 105.00
T08284 alteration: making over, fixing sleeves, changing length, pressing [] unspecified "last year's blue foulard" 6.00
T08285 alteration: "making over, lengthening, changing style of coat and dress, furnishing pearl buttons" 2-piece suit suit white Fuji 16.00
T08286 alteration: "detaching waist from skirt, refitting" 2-piece dress blue print 5.50
T08287 alteration dress dress white with eyelet embroidery 5.50
T08288 making over/ furnishing lace gown dress Filet lace 15.00
T08289 repairing & pressing dress dress black lace 2.50
T08290 making hat accessories "for Mrs. Lincoln" 9.50
T08291 alteration: fixing sleeves [] unspecified beige jersey with blue 0.00