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Client: Aldrich, Mrs. Stuart M.
Ledger #: L2702
Date October 1, 1932
TOTAL COST: $938.00

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trans. # transaction (ledger) item (ledger) item category description cost
T09080 alteration: lengthening, adding facing, refitting, pressing coat outerwear black and white striped, with black fur collar 12.00
T09081 alteration: lengthening, refitting, changing trimming evening gown dress brown lace: changing trimming to brocade 14.00
T09082 alteration coat outerwear brown 14.00
T09083 alteration: changing back evening gown dress blue satin 6.00
T09084 refitting evening gown dress black lace 6.00
T09085 ready-made, fitting, furnishing slip dress & slip dress, underwear marine blue woolen, "chosen by Mrs. Aldrich" 48.00
T09086 alteration: adding folde to slip, refitting, lengthening dress dress dark blue wool with cutwork 9.00
T09087 furnishing acc. hat accessories black with green feather 12.50
T09088 repairing & mending [] unspecified yellow chiffon 5.00
T09089 alteration dress dress cotton 0.00
T09090 making slip underwear brown, for brown print dress 10.00
T09091 alteration: refitting dress, lengthening and adding fold to slip dress dress green print 7.00
T09092 ready-made dress & lining dress brown with beige stripe 69.00
T09093 ready-made slip underwear for brown dress with beige stripe 6.00
T09094 furnishing acc. hat accessories brown with little bow 12.00
T09095 ready-made evening wrap outerwear black velvet 125.00
T09096 ready-made dinner gown dress black velvet with red dot 90.00
T09097 ready-made coat outerwear blue, with large krimmer collar 195.00
T09098 ready-made afternoon dress dress brown chiffon with velvet flowers 70.00
T09099 ready-made evening gown dress black chiffon and velvet Pompadour 98.00
T09100 ready-made coat outerwear goes with black chiffon and velvet Pompadour evening gown 25.00
T09101 furnishing acc. afternoon hat accessories black velvet with feathers 14.00
T09102 alteration hat accessories black felt 1.00
T09103 alteration vestee separates flesh vestee to brown dress 0.00
T09104 alteration [] unspecified "new set of silk pique and putting snaps" 3.50
T09105 alteration dress & slip dress, underwear last year's brown chiffon and velvet 0.00
T09106 ready-made dress & lining dress black and white wool 42.00
T09107 making 2 vestees separates shell pink Synallic, for blue wool dress, "one free" 5.00
T09108 alteration: lengthening, refitting, pressing gown dress black satin with white beads 7.00
T09109 ready-made sport dress dress, sportswear beige with green collar 32.00