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Client: Aldrich, Mrs. Stuart M.
Ledger #: L2704
Date December 30, 1932
TOTAL COST: $621.50

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trans. # transaction (ledger) item (ledger) item category description cost
T09112 alteration dress & 3/4 coat ensemble dress: striped chiffon 0.00
T09113 alteration: pressing, fitting, adding new jabot [] unspecified white and blue lawn; adding jabot 4.00
T09114 alteration: mending, refitting, lengthening, adding new ends on tie [] unspecified flowered lawn with tie 4.00
T09115 alteration evening gown & slip dress, underwear lavender embroidered voile 9.00
T09116 alteration: refitting, lengthening, refacing, adding new white point around neck [] unspecified brown and beige silk; adding white point around neck 9.00
T09117 alteration: refitting, cleaning, pressing jacket outerwear black silk 3.00
T09118 making slip underwear "making new beige square for brown slip--adding snaps" 0.00
T09119 alteration: lengthening [] unspecified blue and white foulard 8.00
T09120 alteration: lengthening, refitting, pressing, using material for facing dress dress Chinese damask 5.00
T09121 ready-made evening gown, cape, & lining ensemble, fabric/trims "New flowered chiffon Ev. Gown and Cape--including Satin Lining Fleurs-de Poppy" 78.00
T09122 ready-made jacket outerwear paisley 28.00
T09123 furnishing acc. pocketbook accessories black and white linen 0.00
T09124 furnishing acc. pocketbook accessories gray with jade 0.00
T09125 furnishing acc. beads fabric/trims pinkish 6.00
T09126 ready-made evening gown, cape, & lining ensemble, fabric/trims gown: white lace; lining: white 75.00
T09127 furnishing acc. beads fabric/trims green amber 6.00
T09128 furnishing acc. beads fabric/trims "brownish string of beads with straw--below cost" 13.00
T09129 ready-made slip underwear white 8.00
T09130 ready-made dress, jacket & slip ensemble, underwear "sort of a grayish and black Ducharme material with flower jacket has kimona [sic] sleeve including slip" 78.00
T09131 ready-made dress, jacket & slip ensemble, underwear red and black foulard with polka-dots 48.00
T09132 making dress, jacket & slip ensemble, underwear shell pink imported Rodier Synallic-$10/yard 88.00
T09133 ready-made sport coat sportswear, outerwear grey woolen bagheera moire with half satin lining 58.00
T09134 making/furnishing [] unspecified "white Rodier imported material with Green Square including jacket" 42.00
T09135 ready-made jacket & ? outerwear white and red linen, "incl. jacket" 42.50
T09136 alteration: adding new top, furnishing mat., refitting 2-piece shirtwaist dress dress, separates white 9.00