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Client: Aldrich, Mrs. Stuart M.
Ledger #: L2813
Date January 24, 1934
TOTAL COST: $1075.50

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trans. # transaction (ledger) item (ledger) item category description cost
T09586 ready-made Sunday night gown dress, at-home wear "Print Dress all colors--free print and black sash--inc. lining" 68.00
T09587 ready-made dress & cape ensemble pongee with large purple flowers and a pongee slip 52.00
T09588 repairing dinner gown dress printed velvet 0.00
T09589 ready-made traveling dress, jacket and lining ensemble dress: blue; all stitched tucks; lining: blue 78.00
T09590 ready-made collar accessories red and white 3.00
T09591 ready-made dress, jacket & slip ensemble, underwear dress: brown print; slip: brown; "has lovely lingerie vestee and cuffs" 52.00
T09592 ready-made tea gown at-home wear, dress black velvet, "very spec." 45.00
T09593 ready-made dinner gown, jacket & lining ensemble gown: black chiffon; lining: pink 48.00
T09594 ready-made dress, slip dress, underwear dress: sheer, washable, pink voile, with lingerie collar; slip: pink shantung 35.00
T09595 ready-made [] unspecified blue lawn with lingerie collar and white shantung slip; "all hand--French collar" 35.00
T09596 ready-made [] unspecified "Black Print-Yellow Daisy--has jacket--gray lining" 52.00
T09597 ready-made dress & jacket ensemble blue Turin print with dark blue slip 48.00
T09598 ready-made [] unspecified beige, gray & white print, with capelet sleeves and white silk slip 45.00
T09599 ready-made dress dress sheer washable blue, including lining 35.00
T09600 making up gown dress "Brown Velvet Gown made up--customer's material--furnishing findings--chiffon for sleeves--lining for dress--burnt orange" 30.00
T09601 ready-made beach robe sportswear corduroy 35.00
T09602 ready-made evening gown dress white lace, with flesh satin lining 98.00
T09603 ready-made bathing suit sportswear "inc. top and panties" 10.00
T09604 ready-made street dress dress two-cast blue silk, with blue silk lining 57.00
T09605 making up coat outerwear white, imported material 65.00
T09606 robe evening gown dress "Evening Gown made up--imp. beaded robe and black lace--inc. white lining" 98.00
T09607 alteration: lengthening, refitting, pressing sport coat sportswear, outerwear black and white 3.50
T09608 alteration [] unspecified "Adding one yard 1/2 of chiffon print to last years field flowers print--cleaning--making over--pressing" 20.00
T09609 making lining fabric/trims corn shade satin, for above dress 7.00
T09610 furnishing acc. hat accessories white rough straw 12.00
T09611 furnishing acc. hat accessories brown rought straw 12.00
T09612 furnishing acc. hat accessories black ballibuntl 13.00
T09613 making petticoat underwear white satin; "special made, very best satin" 7.00
T09614 steaming evening gown dress wine-colored velvet 0.00
T09615 furnishing acc. hat accessories blue fine straw 12.00