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Client: DuVillard, Mrs. H. A.
Ledger #: L3057
Date May 1, 1937
TOTAL COST: $605.00

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trans. # transaction (ledger) item (ledger) item category description cost
T10671 ready-made dress dress brown with tan and red bolero, for Mrs. Alexander 63.00
T10672 ready-made coat outerwear "for same [dress? Mrs. Alexander?]" 22.00
T10673 ready-made afternoon dress, coat ensemble dress: black and white print; coat: black chiffon; for Mrs. Lincoln 65.00
T10674 model hat accessories for Mrs. Lincoln 18.00
T10675 furnishing coat outerwear furnishing natural lynx fur on light blue coat 19.00
T10676 alteration: reshortening, rearranging dress dress brown spaghetti 5.00
T10677 alteration: refitting, shortening, furnishing collar street dress dress new white and blue collar 9.00
T10678 repairing sleeves accessories "Second time repaired sleeves" 3.00
T10679 shortening, changing collar dress dress last year's navy chiffon, adding imported French collar 11.50
T10680 refitting coat outerwear silk 4.00
T10681 alteration: refitting, relengthening suit suit cotton 5.00
T10682 ready-made slip underwear blue, for eyelet dress 8.00
T10683 alteration suit suit "last year's gray suit" 3.50
T10684 refitting, cleaning dress & cape ensemble dress, blue 7.00
T10685 refitting evening gown dress ligth blue lace 5.00
T10686 refitting skirt separates blue and white jersey 4.50
T10687 refitting skirt separates beige pongee 4.00
T10688 alteration dress & cape ensemble "Changed white and front on black and white dress with cape" 5.50
T10689 refitting golf dress dress, sportswear cotton 6.00
T10690 ready-made dress dress green lawn 29.00
T10691 ready-made dress dress blue and white lawn 29.00
T10692 ready-made dress dress orchard and white dotted Swiss muslin 29.00
T10693 making up waist separates "from Italian material, furnishing bottoms, etc." 13.00
T10694 making waist separates imported lace 38.00
T10695 ready-made suit suit brown 70.00
T10696 ready-made morning dress at-home wear bordeaux and white 39.00
T10697 ready-made dress dress printed 68.00
T10698 furnishing acc. hat accessories black, "ordered special" 15.00
T10699 furnishing acc. hat accessories brown 5.00
T10700 furnishing acc. flowers etc. fabric/trims 2.00