The Kennedy Center ArtsEdge. Online site, including the National Standards for the Arts at standards/natstandards/ standards.html.

International Society for Technology in Education. Online site, including the National Educational Technology Standards at

National Center for History in the Schools at UCLA. Online site, including the National Standards at

National Archives and Records Administration. History in the raw. Online document at

The NARA has materials and training courses available for teachers, including a summary workshop called Primary Teaching where they can develop new units based on the use of primary sources in history.

American women at work. Online document at

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Providence Public Schools. Middle school social studies curriculum.

Providence Public Schools. Correlation of the Prentice Hall The American Nation to the Providence Public Schools 7-12 social studies curriculum framework.

Bell, B. (1993). The role of anchored instruction in the design of a hypermedia science museum exhibit. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association.

A hypermedia simulation, Sickle Cell Counselor, has been developed to anchor instruction for museum visitors. A simulated laboratory test is available, and users may ask questions via interactive video.

Eldredge, R. (1995). Hands-on history. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Popular Culture Association.

This paper asserts that interactive exhibits are more than just hands-on activities, but utilize a range of techniques. The variety of techniques is explained, with examples of various types of exhibits to involve the visitor in learning.

Wilson, K. (1992). Two multimedia design research projects: Palenque and the Museum Visitor’s Project. In The Proceedings for Applied Learning Technologies Conference.

This paper describes two interactive multimedia research and development projects. Both share a bias towards discovery based learning and promote information access and manipulation.

Wilson, K. (1992). Multimedia design research for the Museum Education Consortium’s Museum Visitor’s Prototype. Paper presented at the International Conference on Hypermedia and Interactivity in Museums.

This paper describes the development and design of the Museum Visitor’s prototype, an interactive multimedia videodisk. The prototype was created as part of a larger research effort to explore new discovery based methods for adults.

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