A few small books in the Tirocchi archival material contained client measurements. Each client who came into the shop to have a garment made or altered to fit would have had a series of standard measurements taken. Bust, waist, hip, neck, armhole, and bicep (or 'muscle') established circumference at vital fitting points. Length was measured from neck to waist (back and front), waist to desired hemline, and full length (shoulder to hem). Additional measurements were often taken that enabled a more precise fit for a specific style of garment. The evidence of measurements taken (or not taken) helps us understand the evolution of style. For instance, waist measurements were rarely noted in the book dated 1927, when it was the fashion for dresses to fall straight from the bust to the hips.

The database contains measurement records for the years 1927 - 1933, with a few from 1936. Some clients were measured several times during this period, and their records can be browsed and compared.

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