The Tirocchi shop contained numerous ledgers of employee pay records and records of client transactions over the business's 30 years at 514 Broadway. Student researchers have located many of the names and addresses from these documents in City Directories and census materials, and have provided additional details about the people associated with the Tirocchi sisters.

Most of the shop employees were documented only by first name, making it difficult to find more information about them. Clients, on the other hand, were documented with full names (the husband's name, in the case of married women), allowing researchers to supplement the client information with many facts about the client's source of income, relationship to other clients, maiden and married names, summer and winter residences, etc. The database also contains information about a few personal friends and relatives of the Tirocchis.

You can locate correspondence and dressmaking transactions by people in this database through direct links to the Correspondence and Transactions databases.

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