Annual ledgers that recorded the details of each client's transactions were among the archival material found in the shop. Under each client's name was a listing, by date, of the transaction (making, furnishing, alteration, etc.), a description of the item of clothing or accessory, and the amount charged to the client. This information has been transcribed in the database with the original wording, spelling, and descriptions. It has been supplemented with classifications using standardized terms and categories that group similar items together for more effective searching.

You can search for all the transactions by an individual client, using the standardized list of names. It is also possible to research changes in the number of specific transactions, such as 'making over' from year to year. You can also identify clients who were brides or bridesmaids in a wedding party by looking at the dates of fittings for items of dress classified with the standard term 'wedding'.

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