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Mary Riccitelli

Mary Riccitelli was one of the chief seamstresses in the Tirocchi shop. Born in Italy in 1896 to a family that immigrated to Providence, she joined Anna's staff in 1921 and worked intermittently until 1933. In the late 1920s, she acquired an Italian American boyfriend, Panfilo Basilico, a baker who owned and operated a business on Providence's East Side. Every day when he passed the Tirocchi shop on his way to or from work, the "girls" would lean out of the windows and call to him by his nickname of "Bombi." When the relationship became serious, Anna Tirocchi summoned him to her shop to interview.

Mary Riccitelli and Panfilo Basilico were married in 1931. As for all the weddings of Tirocchi staff, Anna gave the fabric for her gown, and the shop "girls" sewed for Mary as fine a dress as any made for a client. Mrs. Basilico saved the gown, and it was given to the Museum in anticipation of this exhibition.

A. & L. Tirocchi
American, Providence
Wedding Dress, 1932
Silk; satin

Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Panfilo Basilico


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